Top 7 Marketing Ideas for your New Remote Job Openings

When you have new remote jobs open up, you want to populate those positions as soon as possible. However, the hiring process is not something you can just do without any planning or effort. There’s a lot that goes into it, especially with remote hiring. 

Remote Job Openings

When it comes to remote job hiring, your audience is much wider than with office job positions. This does not mean that the process is easier. You need to reach these people, and filter the right ones to go through your recruitment process. In addition, you need to run effective promotion campaigns to get the best reach possible. Here are a few ideas you can use to market your remote job openings.  

Promote the vacancies on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is still the go-to place for promoting your job openings. You need to share your remote job openings on LinkedIn and also enable Easy Apply so that you can filter resumes more easily. Run a proper LinkedIn campaign, with decent visuals and high engagement potential. 

Make it clear that you’re promoting remote jobs by putting up work from home posters on your feed. Use the templates on PosterMyWall to create these posters. This will help you include a visual element which will immediately catch people’s eye.

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Update your company careers page

You should keep your company’s careers page updated. Make sure you add all the vacancies to your career page, complete with the relevant details. These details should include job responsibilities, educational requirements, minimum experience required, and work hours expected. 

Label these positions as remote jobs in a prominent manner, so that you don’t get applicants who prefer hybrid or in-office work. Also add a contact form to this page, complete with a resume and cover letter option, so that you can get complete applications without having to sift through thousands of emails. 

Run social media campaigns

Social media campaigns are useful when you want to get the word out across a wide audience. They will also help you get the word out globally, if you want to cast the net that far. Use social media ads as well as posts to showcase these positions. 

Create job opening posts on Instagram with short descriptions and further details in the captions. Add a contact or LinkedIn link in the Link in Bio section so that people can directly apply for these positions when they go through your profile. 

Participate in online job fairs

These days, online job fairs are quite popular. You should participate in them to promote your remote job openings. You can even schedule video interviews at these events. You’ll have applicant resumes available to you in a database, and will be suggested applicants based on your requirements. 

This way, you’ll be matched with ideal applicants for your positions. You’ll have access to serious remote job seekers. You’ll get all this in one place at one time, instead of having to spend a lot of time and effort reaching out. 

Make a recruitment video

As you won’t be meeting your applicants in person, neither of you will get to have an idea of each other face to face. Make this hurdle clearer from your side by making a recruitment video. This video should showcase available positions, give a gist of what your company is all about, and what you do. 

You can also share a CEO message, and encourage people to apply, and be part of the organization. Make this video as engaging and interesting as possible to get the best results. 

Highlight the flexibility of your openings

Sometimes, it is not clear whether a job offers flexibility or not. While being remote does make your end of things clear, you still need to highlight this aspect in your promotion materials. Talk about flexible timings and how you don’t require people to come into the office. 

In addition, if you have a global team, highlight how all these different people from all over the world work so well together. Showcase this flexibility with specific details, so that people know what to expect. 

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Talk about your company culture

Being remote does not mean that you don’t have a defined company culture. You promote this culture through online communication, digital events, and much more. Make sure you talk about this in your job posts and job opening descriptions. 

Showcase past events and team-building activities. Talk about the open communication channels in your company, and how people utilize them. In addition, share the vision and values of your company with potential applicants. This will give them an idea of what you’re all about, and see if they will fit in well. 

In conclusion, there are many ways you can promote your remote job openings. It’s all about finding the right audience and making things as clear as possible.